South west Ethiopia and Gambella

» 14-Days South-West Ethiopia, Gambella and Surma
» 22- Days: Surma People, Omo National Park & River, and Omo Valley

14-Days South-West Ethiopia, Gambella and Surma
Day 1: Arrival at Addis Ababa
An agent of Insight Ethiopian will receive you at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport and transfer to hotel. O/n stay in chosen hotel.
Day 2: Excursion in Addis Ababa
Visit the Ethnological and National museum, Trinity Cathedreal, Entoto and Merkato, the biggest open air market in Africa. O/n stay in chosen hotel
Day 3: Drive from Addis to Nekemte visiting the Showa and Wolega Oromos. Visit the Ethnological museum of Wellega O/n stay in local hotel
Day 4: Drive from Nekemte to Dembi Dolo, located in the Western Welega Zone of the Oromia Region through very green-forested area. The town was originally names Sayo, after the semi-autonomous kingdom that had ruled in this area in the years after 1900. O/n stay in local hotel
Day 5: Drive form Dembi Dollo to Gambella, the capital of the Gambela Region that nestles at the confluence of the Baro River and its tributary the Jajjaba. The town is home to an airport and the Gambela National Park is nearby. O/n stay in local hotel
Day 6: Excursion to see the Agnuak people. These Nilotes are a river people whose villages are scattered along the banks and rivers of southeastern Sudan and western Ethiopia, in the Gambela Region. The Agnuak people are herdsmen and famers, believed to have a common origin with the Luo and Shilluk. O/n stay in local hotel
Day 7: Excursion to see the Nuer poeple, who live mostly in Southern Sudan, in the Upper Nile Province around the junction of the Nile River and the Bahr el Ghazal and Sobat River, and extend up the Sobat across the border into Ethiopia. These people are said to have begun an active migrations in the 1800s, and as they moved eastward, they pushed the Anuak people further east into Ethiopia. The Nuer are tall and dark, and their culture and that of the Dinka are similar. O/n stay in local hotel.
Day 8: Drive from Gambella to Mizan Teferi. Mizan Teferis is in southern Ethiopia and is the largest town, and the administrative center, of the Bench Maji Zone of the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Region. O/n stay in local hotel
Day 9: Drive from Mizan Teferi to Tulgit visiting the Dizi and Surma people. The Dizi people’s homeland lies in the northern part of the district while the Surma inhabit the southern part. Most Dizi are subsistence farmers and keep cattle, sheep and chickens, and are beekeepers for the honey. Overnight Camping
Day 10: Drive from Tulgit to Kibish visiting the Surma people. The Surma women are known for their beatification rituals, in preparation for marriage: most women have their bottom teeth removed and their bottom lips pierced, then stretched, so as to allow insertion of a clay lip plate. Overnight camping
Day 11: Visit the Surma Villages. Overnight camping
Day 12: Drive from Kibish to Bebeka O/n stay in Bebeka guest house
Day 13: Drive from Bebeka to Jimma- an Eastern corner of the country famous for its coffee. O/n stay in Central hotel Jimma.
Day 14: Drive back from Jimma to Addis, visiting the Gurage and Oromo people. The Gurage people inhabit a semi-fertile, semi-mountainous region in southwest Ethiopia. Overnight at your hotel in Addis Ababa.
Day 15: Sightseeing tour and Departure

22- Days: Surma People, Omo National Park & River, and Omo Valley
Day 1: Arrive in Addis Ababa.
Day 2: Drive to Jimma. O/N at hotel.
Day 3: Drive to Bebeka. O/N in camp or lodge.
Day 4: Dizi people. O/N in camp.
Day 5: Tulgit (Surma people). O/N in camp.
Day 6: Kibish for Surma villages. O/N in camp.
Day 7: Return to Tulgit. O/N in camp.
Day 8: Drive to Maji. O/N in camp.
Day 9: Continue to visit the Adikas, Dizi & Zilmamo tribes. O/N in camp.
Day 10: Proceed to Nuer, the headquarters of Omo National Park, which is very rich in wild life. O/N in camp.
Day 11: Drive to Nuer for an O/N camp.
Day 12: Bume people & villages. O/N in camp.
Day 13: Drive to Omo river (to visit the Omo Mursi), cross river by boat. On the other side, you find other vehicles to return with. O/N in Omo River camp.
Day 14: Visit the Mursi people. O/N in Mago camp.
Day 15: Visit the Karo people and their villages. O/N in Turmi camp or lodge.
Day 16: Excursion for Dassanech people at Omorate, a bank of Omo River. O/N in Turmi.
Day 17: Visit the Hammer peoples’ villages. You could visit the market and get to watch ceremonies such as the bull jumping. O/N in Turmi.
Day 18: Villages of the Erbore and Konso people. O/N in Konso at local hotel or camp.
Day 19: Yabelo to see the Borena people and El Sod crater. O/N in camp or local hotel.
Day 20: Drive to the Rift Valley lake of Langano. O/N at hotel.
Day 21: Visit the Rift Valley lakes and then return to Addis Ababa. O/N at hotel.
Day 22: Departure.


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